Interview de Daniell, notre assistant de langue anglaise !

Le lycée à le plaisir d’accueillir depuis mois d’octobre 2023 notre nouvel assistant d’anglais : Daniell Moore. Il vient de Trinidad et Tobago et sera avec nous tout au long de cette année 2023/2024. En tant qu’assistant, il interviendra dans certains des cours jusqu’à la fin du mois d’avril 2024.

N’hésitez pas à aller vers lui pour échanger en français comme en anglais ! Welcome to Cerny !

Pour en savoir plus sur lui et son parcours , voici ce qu’il a répondu à un journaliste en avril dernier :

“C’est la vie

Sunday 9 April 2023

My name is Daniell Moore and I’ve lived in France for the last two years.

Everyone thinks my first name is misspelled but my parents deliberately added an extra ell. I don’t know why they wanted me to get so much trouble at the Licensing Office, lol. The name comes from Hebrew origin and means “God is my strength.” All that matters is the pronunciation and (that it) comes from the biblical story of Daniel in the lion’s den.

I miss my parents and my sister terribly and also my grandparents. I thank God for the time I have with all of them. I’m not married and have no children.

I consider myself a Maraval man to heart. That is where I was born and spent most of my life apart from a few years in Santa Cruz. That is my home. Its cool, lush greenery and sociable people, it’s busy and everything is within proximity. I live now in the suburbs of Paris.

I was raised Roman Catholic. I did everything from baptism to first communion and finally confirmation. While I may not be a “praise the Lord” man, I am still a believer. Faith is one of the most important things in this world. I don’t go to church as often as I should but I still say my prayers and give thanks every day. My faith played a valuable role in where I am today.

After Sacred Heart Boys RC, I am proud to have gone to my alma mater St. James Secondary School. UWI St Augustine taught me about regionalism and what it means to be a Caribbean man.

I have all my seven CXC passes, CAPE passes, a degree, three diplomas and I’m about to start grad school. I was disappointed I didn’t get the CXC results I’d hoped for but I take responsibility for not applying myself the way I should have.

I read, very often. I love real-life biographies. My favourite book is Sidney Poitier’s autobiography, The Measure of a Man. To see a person of colour from the Caribbean break barriers in Hollywood and reach the top, while maintaining his humility, decency and sense of honour, is something we should all aspire to. We can all make it to the top no matter where we come from.

Music is a place I go to, depending on how I am feeling. Music touches your soul, influences and just connects with you on so many levels. I like music that brings people together, promotes positivity and has a decent life experience message. My favourite musicians include General Grant, Mighty Shadow, Black Stalin, David Rudder, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin and American Rapper TI.

My favourite colour is blue. The colour of Chelsea. The best football team in the world.

Daniell Moore says Paris was the polar opposite to what he envisioned or even saw on television. “The environment, social life, mannerisms, behaviour, the language. It was all so new, so fast-paced.” –

Paris was the polar opposite to what I envisioned or even saw on television. The environment, social life, mannerisms, behaviour, the language. It was all so new, so fast-paced. But invigorating and enticing at the same time. I had travelled to the US and the Caribbean many times before. This was my first time to Europe.

I arrived around the end of summer. My favourite season is autumn. The vivid autumn colours accentuated the beauty of Paris and added depth to the architecture. I wasn’t exactly winter-ready. All I had was a light jacket and some sweaters and hoodies. I was in the same boat as many West Indians in London who only get a winter coat in their second winter, after suffering through their first, lol.

I have lived in the same place since I first arrived. Everything is within proximity and it’s very diverse, which I like a lot. A few people were kind but I was not accepted at once. I didn’t fault them. I was a stranger, a Caribbean person of colour and a male. I persevered. Once they got to know me, the commune accepted me as one of their own, for which I am very grateful. I share an apartment with a female colleague.

Honestly speaking, my French was a bit rusty, even somewhat bad when I first arrived, lol. With time, practice – and my school forcing me to only speak French – it drastically improved. I can handle myself in situations.

There was no issue adjusting to the food. I spent time in the French Caribbean and I am not a picky eater. Food is food, once it smelling, looking and tasting good. French food may lack seasoning we Trinis like but it is still decent. Being alone has forced me to learn to cook curry, bake chicken, corn beef and rice etc. I have been on the lookout for a good doubles in Paris but have come up short so far.

I have visited countless museums and various tourist attractions but there are famous tourist sights I still haven’t seen. Like Montmartre, La Tour de Eiffel and even the Château de Versailles.

Teaching English, not only as a second language but in general, is an exciting, enjoyable and rewarding profession. I try to make learning fun as much fun as possible while getting the message across.

In France, I miss that genuine warmness and smiles of my TT people, that happiness and vibes you just don’t see in other places. I also miss a good mamaguy and the ability of us to laugh at ourselves.

The Paris river, La Seine, is one of my happy places in life. It’s so calming, you feel you could stay there forever.

With the exception of one or two Parisians, French people are nice people.

To me, a Trini is a one of kind person who is all about good vibes, laughter and fun. We are a resilient people even though some may call us Trickydadians. We have differences in opinion but we still find a way to persevere, find common ground and even ramajay together.

Trinidad and Tobago is a part of me, wherever I am or go in life. I am proud of being a Trinbagonian. That red, white and black represent everything I believe in and stand for. This is the place I want to get married, raise my family, serve my country and eventually retire. Despite the crime, bureaucracy, negativity, even corruption, Trinidad and Tobago is still the greatest place on Earth in my opinion.

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